Chocolate Museum

We welcome you to our FREE chocolate museum, it is small but full of lovely historical chocolate items.

You can also see where the delicious chocolates are made when you see through the window into the kitchen, often people are making, packing and decorating chocolates.... although we can't guarantee anyone will be in the kitchen.

Chocolate processing photos and information on how we make this decadent sweet treat, watch the video running through the window, and often can see the Chocolatier working in the kitchen making, decorating or packing the chocolates, a delicious taster plate with ability to try the chocolates we use to make the chocolates in house with.

Meet our 6 foot Chocolate Man have your photo taken,  and his pet "Chocolate" Chocolate Labrador called Cocoa ... our CHOCOTOPUS and lots more besides. 

Does have a small steps to access. 

Open the same time as shop is open, or at leisure when on a workshop with us.