Hello peeps ... in line with all the changing data on the COVID restrictions, please be reassured we are following the utmost hygiene standards, one person at a time  in the kitchen or packaging location.

Health and safety procedures are always in place but have been heightened in light of current ever changing situation.

All masks, gloves and sanitisation is meticulous. 

This is my home and my business which I love with all my heart and will therefore go above and beyond to create the safest environment that we can for staff, employees, customers and our products themselves.

We do also have a sanitizing station at the doorway as you enter, we do ask you to sanitise for everyones well being. 

Many Covid statements explain that full hand washing instructions are explained!! Well here they have always been explained, followed thoroughly and checked up on.

Also cleaning and sanitising methods are fully understood and followed.

High standards of cleanliness have always been maintained and these are now outstanding, pride in understanding of everyone, about cross contamination, prior to Covid and even more so now.

This is my life, my business and I am doing everything possible to ensure everyone and all products remain safe.