Drinking Chocolate from Ancient Ceremony to Modern Day Experience

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An exciting new addition to our range, with two tutors, embracing the changes in Chocolate from its Ancient Cocoa beginnings, We will be guiding you through crafting  drinking chocolate in Aztec times through to a modern day hot chocolate experience. 

This will to a relaxed, mindful, informative, fun and of course, a delicious chocolatey evening! 

Our aim is to take you back to the Ancient Cocoa Celebration drink, experience hot chocolate through the ages, to modern hot chocolate as we now know it.. There will be tasters at all stages, some gentle practical interactions for you, relaxing ceremonial & mindfulness throughout; appreciating chocolate, and enjoying the love that creates the entire drinking chocolate experience we have all come to take for granted.

The sessions are for approximately an hour and half to two hours.
Thursdays 6pm throughout the year (once a month).
Call/text 0777 4411 954  for bookings.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL: we can, then, have the Chocolatier and Wellness/Mindful tutor ready.

PLEASE E-MAIL: info@greatchocolate.co.uk  for confirmation of gift vouchers, times and dates, places available, and payment details will be sent.